Why use us to fill your vacancy?

The most obvious reason is that you don’t have any candidates… the methods you have utilised, probably on more than one occasion, are the same methods you’ve used time and again, without result. These failed attempts to fill your role have cost the store significantly; some tangible costs like paying for an advert, and having to use expensive locums to cover gaps in your rota, combined with more subtle costs; the time you spent organising the recruitment process, handling queries (if you got them), writing and posting adverts…

Then there is the cost of disruption to service, the impact of an increased work-load for existing staff, increased waiting times, lack of continuity for patients, bad feedback etc.

Please don’t think that the only scenario in which to use us, is where you don’t have any candidates… there are many situations where we’ve spoken to decision makers, and they’ve received one of two applicants, but they haven’t been overly pleased by the calibre of the candidate, or the candidate has had very specific demands on hours, working pattern, patient numbers, salary etc. Long-term, it is going to be most costly to your business, if you make the wrong hire and that person leaves within a short time frame… you are going to have the substantial cost of starting the process again, but the morale of your current team members is going to be impacted, and this could lead to further attrition.

Unlike adverts and commonly used recruiting methods, our services are FREE. We believe that you should only pay for success. Let us shoulder the burden, and reinvigorate your optimism about the hiring process; look at it as an opportunity to find a high-performing team member, that is going to have a positive impact on the store.

We are the only consultancy to focus solely on permanent positions within the UK Optical sector. We think that is important for a number of reasons:

  • It makes us experts in our field; we have intimate knowledge of the sector
  • It means that we are motivated to fill your role; we’re not supplementing our work with locum fees
  • We believe it gives us a unique ethical stand point; we’re the only consultancy that can claim not to be compounding the shortage of permanent clinical staff in the UK; we’re not charging exorbitant locum fees for people that are not committed to the long-term aims of your store.
  • Our aims and objective are aligned with yours; we want you to hire a committed, high-calibre clinician that is going to stay with your store for the long-term.

Our aim is to work with stores that are serious about hiring the best people and investing in their recruitment process.

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