Our Approach

"We’ve got an advert out…"

We regularly hear, ‘we’ve got an advert out, why does the optometrist you’re working with not apply… why would they work with a third party to find a job…’

There are many reasons (explained elsewhere on the site) why a optometrist would align themselves with our expertise, but the fact of the matter is, that within UK Primary Care there is a chronic shortage of Clinical staff at all levels, especially optometrists… there are not enough of them to apply to your advert… Also, you are making an outmoded assumption, that the only way to recruit for your position is via an advert. Adverts reach a very small proportion of your target market; at best, around 7%.

Tackling Preconceptions

You need to reset your assumption or preconceptions about recruitment companies. Just as there are good and not-so-good optometrist Practices, the same applies to our sector. We have been specifically set up to address the chronic shortage of clinicians within UK Primary Care.

We are the only consultancy in the UK to focus solely within this sector, and only on permanent positions. Perhaps we are mad? How difficult do you find recruitment permanent optometrists, ANPs and other clinical staff into your store? It’s very tough, it is frustrating at times and it is very time-consuming… This is what we do every day.

We have an unwavering mission to try and redress the balance and promote permanence, continuity and higher standards within optometrist Practices across the UK.

Recruitment: A key part of your business plan

Did you know that we do not charge for our service?
There is no cost incurred for seeing our candidates…
Do you think it is reasonable to only pay based on success?

Why not give us a call to find out how genuine we are?

optometrist Practices currently operate in, at times, what can be a precarious market. We speak to hundreds of decision makers every week; all looking to innovate and introduce efficiencies in order to make their stores sustainable, and as profitable as possible going forward. Your ability, as a store, to attract and keep the best clinical staff is going to have the biggest impact on your sustainability and growth.

Five Stage Approach

It’s time that you look at your recruitment process as a key part of your business. For ease, it is possible to summarise the process in five stages:

The best candidates are very rarely looking at adverts, you have to go out and find them. You can’t attract them to your store, if you can’t find them. Don’t expect the perfect person to land on your desk…

Once you’ve identified a suitable candidate, you’ve got to persuade that person, you’re the right employer for them!

Your assessment process. It is difficult enough to reach the stage where you have a candidate engaged in wanting to visit the store. Don’t fluff your lines now; think about how you deliver on a process that helps the candidate choose you.

The candidate has decided to join your store. You’ve potentially had to wait several months to bring them on-board, so it is crucial to give them the best possible support, as this is linked to long-term retention.

The best surgeries will constantly review the needs of their team members; understanding their motivations, what keeps them engaged and ultimately knowing how to keep them happy. If you can recruit and retain the right people, you will succeed in an otherwise tough market.

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