Optometrist on the move? Here are simple tips to find the best role

Optometrist on the move? Here are simple tips to find the best role

As an optometrist, you will likely be fully aware that you have many opportunities in front of you. This is an industry that has growing demands, so you can easily move into new roles if you so choose. However, finding the right role for yourself can be quite challenging. If you are unsure of where to start, then we’ve broken down some simple but effective tips that you could use.

If you want to find a new role, then, we recommend that you consider the following things.

Where do you fit in the best?

Sometimes, your desire to move will come from not feeling like you fit in. As an optometrist, always consider that moving to a new location could make it easier for you to get the job done.

Make sure that you are in a location that seems like a good fit for you personally and professionally. Look to the people who work there presently: do they seem like people who you could work with day-in, day-out?

It’s an important question to answer and will help you to feel valued and appreciated at work.

Is your ideal role advanced enough?

One of the other things to look at is how advanced your new potential employer is. If you are used to working with the most modern equipment and technology, would you feel overly challenged by taking a step back?

Make sure that you pick a company that needs an optometrist who can fit your skills. Make sure that you are used to working with older equipment if that is what they use. If you prefer a more automated day, though, look for companies with the most modern technology when it comes to optical care.

Is the role balanced enough?

Another problem that you might have is finding a company that gives you the correct work/life balance. Make sure that the working hours fit in with your lifestyle, and make sure it suits the lifestyle that you lead. Those with children who may not be able to work weekends might need to make some concessions but finding a job that fits your time schedule is very important.

However, don’t rule a company out because of advertised working hours. If you are a good fit for that company, working hours are often more flexible than you might first think!

Is the salary right?

It is important that you consider the salary and potential pay rise you might receive when considering a new role. Make sure that you pick a company that pays fairly for the job you do. This is very important and should go some way to making sure that you get a role that feels like a good fit for you financially.
Ask yourself, though, what you are willing to put up with for more money. Don’t always just take the highest offer: consider the other implications as well.

Keep these four factors in mind, and you’ll be more likely to land a role that actually suits your needs. Working as an optometrist is a great job – but it can be even better if you pick the right employer. Keep that in mind, and don’t be afraid to look around for as long as you need to find the right workplace for you.

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